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Brilliant Colors

Influenced by New Zealand junk like the clean, the bats, and the chills interwoven with early nineties krecs like the female beat happening shit BRILLIANT COLORS infects your mind with fuzzy-female-catchy pop.

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Pop? Punk? Indie rock? Garage? Fuzzpop? Nodzzz? NODZZZ!

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Grass Widow

One of the most interesting bands I have heard in a long time. You can tell they actually take time to write their songs but without coming off as too structured or boring. This all girl, vocally driven, hard working trio create some of the most unique post punk sounds around.

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photo by claire

TheTRADITIONAL FOOLS are an energetic, feedback-and-reverb-soaked punk band based in San Francisco. These three young lads are migrants from the bro-truck and peach-stucco-covered coastal purgatory of Orange County. The sounds of the beach blvd comp, redd kross, and ‘60s SoCal garage punk bleed through traditional fools’ blown-out amps, perfectly blended with their own chaotic originality. Live shows, best experienced at a house, are spontaneous combustions sure to get even the meekest of bystanders embarrassing themselves on the dance-floor. –don sunset

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wf chair

 White Fence

Wander into the sweltering Cali smog to find yourself transported into a lysergic pop netherworld, where White Fence will carve broad strokes of color into your mind. Coming on like Love in a Lollipop Shoppe, or Chris Know abusing a Vox, the record oscillates between a sun-dappled English meadow, a crumbling So-Cal suburban bedroom, and a riotous Sunset Strip leather gang knife fight, with the kind of warped precision and purity that marks the wolves from the sheep and the profound from the pretend in this instant online age. You know what I mean. Connoisseurs of the physical format will be richly rewarded with surgical grade vinyl and a gorgeous fold-out insert. -David Perth